Hey, dats ME!


A new blog, new website, new images, fresh faces….. thought I would introduce myself before I throw some nudity at you….

Hi, I am Erin Delsigne, a professional photographer based in Los Angeles. I received education from Humboldt State University and Cal State Long Beach; studying Photojournalism, Black and White film, digital and commercial photography.

To me, Humboldt County is one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth. I was lucky enough to call it home while I studied in college. On the first day of class, my professor handed me a film camera, which was beaten to hell over the many years the school equipment had been in circulation. I was in AWE, and to be honest, still not even sure why!

With the characteristic variety of mood and tone, my photographs organically combine the sensitivity and vulnerability of my subjects, while aiming to bring out their often uninhibited and expressive personalities. I favor the realism of natural light, but am dazzled by the unlimited options and control that artificial light gives me in a studio. Digital work is captured with a Nikon D610. I also work with 35mm film, SX-70 polaroid film, 120mm expired film, both color and black and white, using various film cameras.

Fashion meets contemporary; 35mm, 120mm, Polaroid, Digital. I enjoy capturing raw humanity, portraits that capture the essence of what is being said in my subjects eyes; I see female sexuality and the female form as a window into The Goddess and trying to capture that view is very intriguing to me.  I believe that woman should be able to express their bodies freely, without the scrutiny of expected sexuality suppression. Nudity isn’t a bad thing. Nipples are not scary.


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