Birthday Lyme Fundraiser

It’s almost my birthday and I wanted to do something meaningful with it. Because let’s be real.. for so long I never thought I would be where I am today. It’s time to give back through facebook fundraiser for Lyme Global Alliance.

I read a statistic the other day… less than 5% of people with Lyme Disease actually get better…I am apart of that less than 5 group. Woah!

Erin Delsigne Lyme Warrior
The first hike I had been on in 5 years after falling ill with Lyme Disease. Starting to Kick ASS

As I have said before, EVERY SINGLE DAY I am incredibly blessed and lucky.. as Lyme is something so horribly awful it’s hard to describe in words.

It invades your body from all angles and within 14 days it’s made it’s way across the blood brain barrier and has spread to chronic levels that will take YEARS to eradicate.. (mine took 8 years) if you are lucky. You lose all sense of self, your personality, your strength, your identity. The pain is horrific, long term and wide spread.. it’s unexplainable.. until everyone in your life thinks you’re bat shit crazy.

Erin Delsigne
The ONLY entire day I was pain-free for the entire 8 year journey. From the time I woke up until I went to bed.. zero pain. The next day SUCKED. ha! But that’s how Lyme works.. you never know one day from the next.

You have blackouts, constant migraines, insane insomnia, twitching, blindness, night sweats, bling rage, seizures, extreme vertigo, nausea, extreme vomiting, brain fog, arthritis, ringing of the ears you never thought possible. Light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, adaptation to a wide spectrum of allergies, thyroid issues, the depression so dark and deep it’s practically an out of body experience… Then.. it shuts down your body.. your organs.. motor skills.. reflexes… down, down, down you go.

You are left bedridden and alone for years on end.. literally suffering in so many different ways…all hope is lost. By this time, you are completely drowned in financial debt. Your insurance company has dropped you a few times… MULTIPLE doctors refuse to treat you… they may not even know how to move forward… and the rest refuse to even respond. Hospitals laugh, label, or send you home with literally NOTHING.


If you CAN find someone qualified to actually help….. it’s most likely not in your country.. and REAL antibiotic Treatment costs on average $500,000 out of pocket annually. Your friends and family are fed up and question your state of mind. You don’t look sick.. you just throw up all your food, can’t move, and are in constant soul defining pain morning, noon and night.

Then I found my answer. On my own. Bam! Within 3 months, I was no longer bedridden. By 6 months I was no longer couch bound and starting to work again.

Cowden Protocol
After 5 years of bring rejected, ignored and let down… I researched treating myself with herbs. I ordered the Cowden Protocol. This was the day my life changed. The start of change. Cowden saved my life…but Cannabis oil gave me my life again.


This is just a glimpse into my story. I am considered an incredibly lucky and easy case because I was never confined to a wheel chair and I tested positive on the first try.

It’s important to me to tell my story… because I am healthier now. I am proof you can get better. I was NOT making a damn thing up. It takes an entire, extreme, overhaul of your life to achieve wellness. But not a day goes by I regret any of the sacrifices I’ve had to made to live a semi normal life again.

Money always helps with research and treatments… but if you are not able to donate…Please help spread awareness of Lyme Disease. Education leads to prevention and THAT is the only way to remain Lyme free!

If you know a Lyme patient… love them. Tell them you love them today. Right now. Call them, go see them. Tell them you believe them. Tell them you believe in them and to never give up. Your love and support will SAVE THEIR LIFE!!!!


💚 Stay Strong Warriors!

Ray Ray

*Please note: I am not ready to share the intimate photos and videos that were taken during my darkest time with Lyme Disease. Jake and I decided to document so that people could see what this disease is really like. After going through it… I am unable to look at the videos and photos. It’s too much for me. I hope you can understand my reasoning on this. I will share them, as promised, when I am strong enough mentally to go down that road again.

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